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Covid Catch Up Funding 2020/21

The Government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up following the lockdown ion March 2020.

Funding was allocated on a per pupil basis providing £80 per pupil to all state funded schools.

The Education Endowment Foundation produced a document guiding schools on the most effective ways to use this funding. This categorised actions into 3 tiers: Teaching, Targeted academic support and wider strategies.

Please read the attached plan to see how we at St Peter’s have used the £23,080 Covid catch up funding in 2020/21.

All children will be continuously assessed throughout the year using both formative and summative assessment to monitor progress. At the end of each term, children will complete reading and maths tests providing detailed question level analysis to inform future planning, support, intervention and use of Covid catch up funding.

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