Have you got a child at St. Peter’s CE Primary School, or are you a member of staff?

Then you are also a member of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and we need your help. We are an active group, which is open to membership for all parents.


Our PTA is responsible for planning a programme of fund raising, social and educational events.  


The group aims to encourage close home/school links and raise money for extra equipment.

Money raised at these events will be spent on things which your children will enjoy.

Please come to our meetings to discuss how we can spend the funds.

If you can help out at events by: serving, wrapping or taking a stall/game, please get in touch or come along!

We understand not all parents drive and have other children and work to balance.


Any time you could give would be gratefully accepted.


Parents/Carers are kept informed of all PTA activities through school newsletters and text messages from school.

Any queries, please see Mrs Williams (Alder Class) .


Thank you for your support