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Staff and pupils at St. Peter's are very fortunate to have many supportive parents who are willing to share in the education of their children primarily by offering their valuable support at home.
The co-operation and participation of parents in the education of their children is positively encouraged, as we believe that such a partnership is the best way to help children to achieve in all areas of their development.
In addition to this most valuable support, we enjoy the help of parents who are prepared to come into school to work on a voluntary basis.
We consider that closely monitored and guided help from adults, in addition to the school's staff, greatly enhances the learning experience for our children. 
All adults coming into regular contact with the children will have to undertake an enhanced DBS.
We hold informative meetings for parents on various subjects throughout the school year.  These in the past have included Mathematics, Learning to read, SATs, Drugs education etc.  Each class teacher will send a ‘Big Picture’ home at the start of each term to inform you of what your child will be learning.
Parents are invited to watch class assemblies and join the school in worship at St Peter’s Church.
A day in the life of St Peter's! 
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