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Breakfast Club at Turncroft Nursery 

From 7:30am - 8:45am


Your child can choose from a variety of cereals, toast, fruit and yogurts and a choice of either milk or water to drink. Special dietry or medical requirements can be catered for.

After School Club at Turncroft Nursery

From 3:30pm - 5:30pm


On arrival the children start with a healthy snack and drink. We provide a varied menu of foods, such as fruit, salads, hot snacks, dips, vegetable sticks. Special dietry or medical requirements can be catered for.


Once snack time has finished, the children enjoy planned indoor and outdoor, age appropriate activities, including creative projects, board games, computers, ball games. 


The children throughout the year are visitied by local organisations such as, Zoo Lab, the Fire Service, Local Community Police Officers, Camera Club and Star Gazing.

Walking Bus to and from St Peters Primary School

Your child can walk safely, wearing high visability jackets and accompanied by qualified members of staff.


The children walk in pairs the short distance in plenty of time for the start of school.

Turncroft staff wait in the playground until the bell rings.


At the end of the school day our staff will meet the children in the hall and walk back to Turncroft for the After School Club.

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Turncroft Nursery Extended Services

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