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Boys' uniform

Black shorts or trousers

Long or short sleeved white shirt

Green & silver striped St. Peter's tie

Green & silver V-neck knitted jumper with the school crest

Black socks

Black shoes

Girls' uniform

Black skirt or pinafore dress

Long or short sleeved white shirt

Green & silver striped St. Peter's tie

Green & silver V-neck knitted cardigan or jumper with the school crest

White or black socks

Black school shoes (not boots)

Summer term only - green gingham dress

Physical Education (P.E.) Kit for boys and girls

Black shorts

White Polo shirt with or without the school crest

Black pumps


All P.E. kit must be clearly labelled.

Many PE lessons will be delivered outside. Therefore children must also have an outdoor PE kit comprising of black or bottle green joggers and a sweatshirt. These should be plain with no logo.

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils attend Darwen Leisure Centre for swimming lessons once a week.  Medical Certificates must be obtained before a child can be excused. 


Health and Safety Regulations prohibit the wearing of jewellery of any kind during any P.E. or swimming lessons, including earrings with tape over. 


All earrings must be removed for P.E.  If your child cannot remove their own earrings then please ensure that they come to school the day of their P.E. lesson not wearing their earrings. 


Please clearly label all uniform with your child’s name



Waterloo Pavilions

20 - 26 Church Street




01254 676047

Snazzy’s School and Footwear

22 Bridge Street,



01254 708245

All items featuring the school crest are currently  available from Whittakers Schoolwear in Blackburn and Snazzy's School & Footwear in Darwen. 
Both elasticated and non-elasticated ties can be purchased from the school office, stock depending.

School will also provide several opportunities throughout the year for parents to purchase pre-owned, second hand uniform at a very reasonable cost.

Jewellery and hair styles


Jewellery should not be worn at school.  We encourage the piercing of ears to be done at the beginning of the summer holiday so that it is not necessary to continue wearing earrings when school recommences in September. 


If earrings must be worn during school hours, only one pair of studs is allowed.  


Hair styles need to be sensible and smart for school. All hair accessories must be black or green and long hair tied up.

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